Blade TMA
23January 2017

BLADE TMA : MASH tested, passed and FHWA ( Federal Highway Administration ) eligible !

The No1 Blade Truck Mounted Attenuator is compliant to the highest safety level Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware this MASH replaces the 20 year old well known NCHRP 350.

This BLADE TMA is the 2017 TRAFFEX innovation Trail winner !

The safety changes are mainly necessitated by alterations made to vehicles over the past decade. Cars have greatly increased in size, so different safety regulations are required to keep the occupants safe. The average bumper height on light trucks has risen considerably since 1993, so previous highway safety designs are no longer adequate.

What’s the difference for TMA’s between the old NCHRP 350 comparing the new MASH manual
The new MASH standard sets stricter criteria for Truck Mounted Attenuator’s, bigger,heavier and newer test Vehicles has to be used during testing , also the shadow vehicle criteria are stricter and much heavier,  upper and lower truck weight has to been tested ballast has to be fixed, and also the arrow board together with the TMA construction must have been tested. The optional offset- and offset angel tests are now required in MASH!

This patented BLADE TMA is proudly full scale crash tested according MASH 2009/2016 at the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), with unbelievable test results !

All the ride down values were within the preferred values ( MASH preferred a Longitudinal ridedown of 15.0 g with a maximum of 20.49 g )

This TMA is the Highest Safety level you can get !

The BLADE TMA is ready to order!

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