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About the product

Arrow trailers and warning trailers

In 2004 Verdegro developed the first completely solar powered arrow trailer with LED. With our expertise and experience a completely stand alone concept was developed using the right combination of batteries, energy-efficient LED lighting and solar panels. 

Verdegro also provides arrow trailers with a diesel generator and / or batteries and hydraulic / manual warning trailers and application equipment trailers.

For a safe work zone for your employees a good warning trailer system is necessary. With the Verdegro arrow and warning trailer you will provide a safe work zone.


Technical Specifications


  • Stand alone system with batteries, LED arrow and optional solar energy
  • Manual adjustable
  • Single axle chassis
  • Optional split feature available
  • Relatively simple, maintenance free so cheaper trailer


  • Available with batteries, optionally combined with diesel generator or solar energy system (stand alone)
  • Fully hydraulic
  • Various arrow configurations are available
  • Meets the requirements of gouverment standards



The solar arrow trailer is maintenance free and environmentally friendly! For several countries Verdegro Traffic Systems developed a diversity of variants. The arrow trailers are usually distinguished by the method of preparation and the light pattern. Contact us to learn more about the available models.

Product USP

High quality
Optional with solar panels
LED lights, low weight and easy to use