Automatic cone machine
Arrows on the automatic cone machine
The automatic cone machine in action
Rumble strip

About the product

Laying the rumble strip

A rumble strip is designed to alert approaching traffic as early as possible for upcoming road works. Underneath the M.A.R.S® a rumble strip is incorporated that can, automatically, be placed and picked up. An active camera system combined with a touch screen in the cabin assists the driver in positioning the rumble strip. It adapts perfectly to the shape and surface of the road, creating a stable and safe first alert in any roadblock.


Automatic cone machine: Fully automatic cone pick&placer

The European network of roads is constantly expanding. At the same time, it is used more intensively. Wear and tear is the direct result thereof. Repair and maintenance of the vast network is daily practice. Activities that increasingly test drivers’ patience. In order to avoid heavy and dangerous work for roadworkers, TrafIQ developed the Mobile Automatic Cone machine Pick&placer (M.A.C.P®).


Placing and picking up cones

In a specially designed storage the M.A.R.S® stocks a large number of cones, that can be automatically placed and picked up at a speed of 20 to 30 kilometers an hour. Picking up the cones is done in reverse with the automatic cone machine. The heavy cones are actually picked up by hand in the direct proximity of rushing traffic, the M.A.R.S® does it automatically, with the driver safely seated in the cabin of his truck.

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Technical Specifications

Rumblemat layer:

  • Two built in lighted cameras  automatically turn on during operation
  • Joystick controlled from cabin
  • Patented Rumblemat Layer front- or under chassis mounted
  • Two robotic units provided with rotatable “fingers”
  • Mounting chassis bracket included
  • Double reflectors on Top 
  • Rumblemat Rubber Fiberglass -reinforced
  • Dimensions 220 cm x 63,5 cm x 3 cm
  • Front mounting system
  • Under the truck mounting system

Automatic cone machine:

  • Cone storage (single or double ) compartment max. 500 cones
  • Cone Picking & placing compartment installed in front of the storage
  • Two sets of robotic units mounted on the left and right side of the unit
  • Cone guiding rails on each side hydraulically retracted or extended 
  • Cones 750 mm height 400 mm x 400 mm footprint, 4.8 Kg each, different reflective foils possible
  • PLC controlled electric and optical limit switch used to control operating
  • Safety devices and strobe lights standard equipped
  • LCD touch screen operate system installed in cabin
  • Manual or automatic operation selection 
  • Maximum forward working speed = 15 km/h 
  • (based on cone space 25 meters or more)
  • Maximum backward working speed = 9 km/h (based on cone space 25 meters or more)
  • Cone spacing Min. 3 meters (forward & backwards) 
  • Left and Right work mode
  • Truck chassis suggested to be installed on 4 x 2 vehicle chassis

Pick & Place TMA:

  • Automatically Pick & Place TMA Connected to truck: TMA (Truck Mounted Attenuator). Disconnected from Truck: Arrow warning unit 
  • LED arrow warning stand alone time : 10 days / 10 x 24h
  • Wireless control system installed in cabin to control the unit
  • Self centering "scoop" holder mounted at the back of the truck  
  • Two compartments of leak free batteries 
  • Camera control system built on truck centering “Scoop”
  • Automatic Locking system when connected to truck



Product USP

Patented no 1031311 & no 2004413
If the highest safety level must be reached
For diffrent types of cones