About the product

Mobile Lane signaling is available in different constructions

The Verdegro MRS is a unique innovative machine that can be used as a MRS (mobile route signaling) or MRI (mobile route Information). The system designed by Verdegro can be used for many purposes.
The machine is available with 2, 3 or 4 lane signalling. In retracted mode, the dimensions of the LED display can raise up to 7 x 1 m!

4lane mrs 7.jpg
4lane mrs 1.jpg
verdegromoebielerijstrooksignaleringzweepmastportiek 6.JPG
mobile lane signalling mrs (3).jpg
mobile lane signalling mrs (1).JPG
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Technical Specifications

MRS / MRI skid version:

  • Weight about 12 tons
  • Integrated on a specially designed container frame (hooklift / cable)
  • Provided with 70K crash cushion

MRS / MRI trailer version:

  • Weight approx 14 tons
  • Integrated on a specially designed center-axle trailer
  • Standard 70K, optional 100K crash cushion

Hoistable TRS / TRI (Temporary Roadway Signaling):

  • Liftable unit with hydraulic rotatable boom
  • Removable ballast, optional with crash cushion


  • Water-cooled diesel generator with various monitoring functions
  • Emergency power supply and optional solar system
  • Suitable for 2, 3 and 4 lane highways, over 5 meters high!
  • Signaling devices together serve as one LED display
  • 2 units transported at a flat truck bed or trailer & hook lift
  • Failure detections: oil, fuel, battery level, led, power supplies

Product USP

Optics acc. NEN-EN 12966
EMC tested (electromagnetic Compatibility)
Wifi or UMTS wireless communication