The Verdegro Autocone 2.0

The new Verdegro Truck Mounted patented Autocone 2.0. system, the fully automatic cone deployment system can be optional equipped with a patented rumble mat layer, and optional TMA mounted on the Truck. The autocone system can be installed on any standard 18T chassis with air suspension.

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  • Components of the patented Autocone 2.0
  • Sub-frame
  • Cone storage compartment
  • cone picking & placing chamber
  • Cone catching clamp
  • Guiding rails
  • Verdegro Cones


Components of the patented Autocone 2.0


Welding by high-resistance steel profiles and plates, coupled to the vehicle chassis by means of bolts and bars. The cone storage rotating compartment, the automatic cone picking& placing devices and the guide rails shall be installed onto the subframe.


Made of high- resistance steel profiles and Aluminum plates. This barrel type design storage compartment shall be attached to the sub- frame. The hydraulic motor driven cone feeding devices which rotate the cones horizontally by means of spiral.

The Barrel design cone storage compartment, 8 column in total, 50 cones on each column, 400 cones in total.

The fully closed cone storage compartment which ensures the cleaned and functional of cones and all moving components.


Cone picking & placing chamber is installed in front of the storage, semi- closed structure with overhead rain cover. The drag and swipe system are mounted in front of the rotating barrel compartment, on each side a lift is mounted(left/ right).

Fully hydraulic operated cone picking and placing can work independent realizing various actions, including: Pull out or push back a row of the cone each time; move the cones left or right side horizontally to lift on each side. Cones in position are indicated via electronic and optical sensors.


One set on each side is a lift(left/ right), installed on the lift , two pieces steel plate hinge structure type. The clamps are operated by means of hydraulic cylinders which can catching or release the cones quickly.


One set on each side (left/ right), made of high- resistance steel profiles and plates, located within the axles, extended or retracted by hydraulics. Guiding rails were specially designed and tested by Verdegro to ensure the reliably operating.


Black floorplate with white and red high reflecting strip film or according to specs required with this type of cone, 1000mm in height and 560mm*560 mm on basement. Those cones are one piece design, with square type extra thicker and extra heavier basement, weighs about 7,6KG/PER. Four corners of the cone basement with have strengthen edge and strengthen circle which is suitable for operating by the hydraulic clamps which also ensures the strength of the cones in different weather conditions. Capacity up to 500 cones in total.


Truck chassis engine PTO, drives hydraulic pump to power the operating devices.

All the specs

Maximum power469KW
Operating weight97.000 ~ 99.500 kg
Bucket capacity5.4 ~ 6,8 m3
Emission standardStage V
EnginePerkins 2806
Engine power468 kW (629 HP)
Maximum power469KW
Operating weight97.000 ~ 99.500 kg
Bucket capacity5.4 ~ 6,8 m3
Emission standardStage V
EnginePerkins 2806
Engine power468 kW (629 HP)

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