Rumble Mat Layer

A rumble strip is designed to alert approaching traffic as early as possible for upcoming road works. Underneath the R.M.L. a rumble strip is incorporated that can, automatically, be placed and picked up. An active camera system combined with a touch screen in the cabin assists the driver in positioning the rumble strip. It adapts perfectly to the shape and surface of the road, creating a stable and safe first alert in any roadblock.


  • Joystick controlled from cabin
  • Double reflectors on top
  • Turnable arm
  • Operation through remote


  • Two built in lighted cameras automatically turn on during operation
  • Joystick controlled from cabin
  • Front mounting system
  • DIN mounting bracket included
  • Double reflectors on top
  • Operation through remote
  • Turn able arm
  • Electromagnets picking mat by means of steel plates
  • Halogen headlamp and direction indicator on the front. 


All the specs

ControlledJoystick controlled from cabin
ReflectorsDouble reflectors on top
OperationOperation through remote
CamerasTwo built in automatically turn on

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