Solar Message Trailer 2.0 (SMT-2.0)

The Verdegro Solar Message Trailer 2.0 (SMT-2.0) features lockable enclosures and integrates both the generator and hydraulic unit. The MRS (Message Retrieval System) operates autonomously and includes a fuel tank with level measurement and installed meter. It is equipped with an emergency battery pack, ensuring the MRS system can run continuously for at least 24 hours.


  • Energy-efficient full-color LED display with 64×64 pixels
  • Fully hydraulic trailer for rapid deployment
  • Maintenance-free Gel glass mat 600Ah 24Vdc Battery Pack
  • Integrated 4G modem for remote programming via Verdegro portal
  • Solar System with 1200Wp capacity for extended operation
  • Easily accessible touchscreen computer for user-friendly control
  • Fully galvanized chassis and powder-coated aluminum parts
  • Unique, easily interchangeable large LED brick


  • Standard SMT 64×64 20mm
  • Energy Efficient full color LED display, 64×64 pixels, pixel pitch 20mm (EN 12966)
  • Trailer with one 1500 kg / 3306 lbs torsion spring axle
  • 12/24 Volt rearlights + licence plate lighting
  • Trailer implemented fully closed
  • All doors easy to open with proper locks and extenders
  • Operational 4G Modem including Verdegro software through the Verdegro portal for remote programming (Simcard and cell phone subscription not included)
  • Operational by permanently installed touchscreen computer
  • Front cabinet lockable by turnkey lock
  • Trailer weight approx. 1400 kg / 3086 lbs
  • Gel glass mat 600Ah 24Vdc Battery Pack (maintenance-free and leak-free)
  • Solar System 1200Wp (900Wp top deck + 400Wp bottom deck)
  • Fully hydraulic trailer (outriggers and display locking) for fast deployment
  • Hydraulic unit mounted shielded
  • Manually operated nosewheel
  • Chassis fully galvanized
  • Aluminium parts powder-coated in any desired RAL Color
  • Industrial battery charger included wall socket
  • Equipped with unique, easily interchangeable large LED brick

Inside lockable enclosures, both the generator and the hydraulic unit are integrated, all behind lockable doors. A 2-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine with an additional increased sump is installed as a power-drive for the generator and hydraulic pump. The MRS is autonomous, maintaining noise levels outside at 65 dBA for at least two weeks. The fuel tank is provided with a level measurement, from which the meter is installed. The tank can be filled securely from the front in the control compartment. Furthermore, there is an emergency battery pack placed. The MRS system will be able to run for at least 24 hours autonomously through this emergency, or a failure will be reported.


  • Display upgrade to 80×80 Pixels 20mm Full Color (EN 12966)
  • Display upgrade to 96×80 Pixels 20mm Full Color (EN 12966)
  • Undersign Foil Frame with space for static sign
  • 3 Rumblemat strips with storage
  • Drawbar lock + bracket
  • Touchscreen computer installed in trailer
  • Spare Tyre
  • Spare LED Tyle (brick replace system)
  • TÜV Homologation for EU License plate registration
  • Height adjustable drawbar
  • GPS Module (only in combination with 3G or 4G Modem)

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