Variable Message Sign Trailer (VD2-200)

Introducing the Variable Message Sign Trailer (VD2-200), a versatile full-color VMS trailer that can function as an arrow trailer or chevron trailer with an optional arrow frame. It includes features like an optional Andreas strip set, wireless remote control unit, and the option to equip a spare wheel for added convenience.


  • Rigorous 2000P tests with 2000 kg European-style SUVs
  • Double safety blocking device for enhanced protection
  • Efficient hydraulic rotation system for maneuverability
  • Forklift tubes facilitate easy handling and transportation
  • Robust steel hot galvanized mounting system ensures durability
  • Energy absorption aluminum moisture-proof cartridge enhances safety


  • Trailer equipped with 2 torsion sprung axles each 1350 kg / 2976 lbs, also equipped with legally prescribed driving lights
  • Completely closed design
  • All hatches are easy to open and equipped with reliable locks, also equipped with gas pressure springs
  • Operation via the user-friendly free Verdegro portal
  • 1 front hatch, lockable with swing locks (with lock or push button)
  • Trailer weight approx. 1350 kg / 2976 lbs, on license plate 1850 kg / 4078 lbs
  • Gel glass mat battery set 24 V (absolutely maintenance-free, completely leak-proof)
  • Can be set up fully hydraulically (hydraulic outriggers and nose wheel)
  • Galvanized trailer, action window coated in RAL1016 or any other RAL color if desired
  • 3x solar panel on text trolley for charging battery pack
  • Industrial battery charger including wall socket

This full-color VMS trailer can be equipped with an arrow frame, allowing it to be used as an arrow trailer or chevron trailer.


  • Andreas strip set
  • Wireless remote-control unit
  • Optionally equipped with spare wheel

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