Arrow Board (VD-SL230)

The VD-SL230 arrow boards are widely used in the UK, UAE, Qatar, and GCC region. They can be controlled using the Verdegro combined TMA and arrow board wired controller, allowing the operator to manage both the TMA and arrow board with a single device. The controller handles functions such as raising and lowering the TMA, as well as operating the left arrow, right arrow, and cross signals. Additionally, it includes extra function buttons for activating work lights or additional flashers. The VD-SL230 can also be purchased as a standalone system with a separate hydraulic power pack.


  • The wired cabin control integrates TMA and arrow board functions.
  • The 200mm LED light arrow offers versatile signal options.
  • The 300mm LED flashers enhance visibility on all corners.
  • The hydraulic system includes a vertical lift and a moveable 211 sign.


  • 300mm LED Flashers on top board and 4 corners of lower board
  • 200mm LED Light Arrow (Left, Right, Cross)
  • Wired control in cabin for TMA and Arrow Board
  • Hydraulic moveable 211 Sign 1500mm (Left, Right, Down)
  • Hydraulic vertical lift for top arrow board
  • Dimensions: 2300mm x 2500mm
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