The Verdegro Autocone 2.0

The new Verdegro Truck Mounted patented Autocone 2.0 system, the fully automatic cone deployment system can be optional equipped with a patented rumble mat layer, and optional TMA mounted on the Truck. The autocone system can be installed on any standard 18T chassis with air suspension.


  • Independent, efficient cone picking and placing system.
  • High-resistance steel and aluminum construction for longevity.
  • Holds up to 400 cones in a clean, functional barrel design.
  • High-resistance steel guiding rails ensure accurate positioning.
  • Hydraulic cone catching clamps for quick gripping and releasing.
  • Fits standard 18T truck chassis with air suspension for stability.


Each cone features a black floorplate with white and red high-reflecting strip film, standing at 1000mm in height with a 560mm x 560mm base. Built as a single-piece design, it includes a square-type, extra-thick, and heavy base weighing approximately 7.6 kg (16 lbs) each. Strengthened edges and circles on the basement ensure resilience under various weather conditions, supported by hydraulic clamps for secure handling. The Autocone 2.0 (AC) system accommodates up to 400 cones and can be adapted to use local cones upon request, if technically feasible.

  • Powered by truck chassis engine PTO for hydraulic pump operation.
  • Available in standard yellow (RAL 1023) or custom RAL colors.
  • Cones are not included and must be sourced separately.


  • Can be installed on standard 18T truck chassis of any requested brand.
  • Features air suspension for enhanced stability and maneuverability.

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