Arrow Trailer (VD2-PL CHEVRON)

This fully customizable double-axle action car includes all specified options. Its trailer features two torsional spring axles and supports a maximum loaded weight of 1500 kg / 3306 lbs. Equipped with four extendable manual support legs, it ensures stability on various surfaces. The hydraulically foldable action frame is fitted with class 3 retroreflective foil, enhancing visibility and safety during operation.


  • Double-axle trailer with 1350 kg torsional sprung axles.
  • Equipped with legally prescribed driving lights, brakes, and parking brake.
  • Fully closed construction with an open bottom design.
  • Hydraulic support legs for stability and ease of deployment.
  • Includes 280 Wp solar energy system with 800 Ah maintenance-free batteries.
  • Features 24V LED arrow lamps with rotatable or fixed configurations.
  • Galvanized chassis with powder-coated body parts in RAL 1016 color.
  • Options include Andreas strip set, wireless remote control, and spare wheel.


  • Trailer fitted with 2 torsional sprung axles, each 1350 kg / 2976 lbs, equipped with legally prescribed driving lights, brakes, and a parking brake.
  • Maximum loaded weight of 1500 kg / 3306 lbs with registration certificate.
  • Construction with a completely closed tray and an open bottom.
  • Front box equipped with 1 control hatch, hinges, and double-bit locks.
  • 4 extendable hydraulic support legs.
  • Hydraulically foldable action frame with retroreflective foil class 3.
  • Arrow configuration with 24V LED lamps, rotatable or fixed per EN12353 guidelines, including automatic light dimmer.
  • Hydraulically rotatable Arrow and D2 sign (1000mm diameter).
  • Action frame designed to hide retroreflective foil during transport.
  • 280 Wp solar energy system with 20A IP 65 solar charger, display, and accessories.
  • 8 maintenance-free solar glass-mat batteries, 100 Ah 12 Volt each, totaling 800 Ah.
  • Storage for Andreas strips (rumble strips) on the side of the trailer (excluding rumble strips).
  • Fully galvanized chassis.
  • Body parts powder coated in your desired color or RAL 1016 according to Dutch RWS requirements.
  • 175Amp Anderson charging plug fitted at the front.
  • Hydraulic jockey wheel.
  • 230Vac battery charger with grid connection, including installation and a 15m charging cable.

Fully hydraulic double-axle action trailer customizable with your preferred options.


  • Andreas strip set
  • Wireless remote-control unit
  • Optionally equipped with spare wheel

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