Road Information System (RIS)

The Verdegro Road Information System (RIS) is a unique innovative machine that can be used as a Mobile Road Information System that can installled in a couple of hours and used in road constructions for longer periods. This unique system designed by Verdegro can be used for many purposes.


  • Rapid deployment with operational readiness in 1.5 hours.
  • Versatile mast installation for both portrait and landscape orientations.
  • Heavy-duty concrete block counterweights for stability.
  • Integrated battery pack with advanced monitoring for uninterrupted operation.


  • Easy to assemble and operational within 1.5 hours.
  • Base frame accommodates portrait and landscape masts for easy crane installation and manual bolting of LED displays/VMS signs.
  • Lower frame weighted with concrete blocks up to 10,000 kg (22,046 lbs) for stability (shipping weight approximately 7,000 kg / 15,432 lbs).
  • Counterweight for hydraulic swivel lane signaling system includes concrete and a lockable 1200 ah gel glass mat battery pack compartment, suitable for 3 or 4 lanes.
  • Requires manual installation with a crane from a towing truck; truck also positions concrete block counterweights.
  • Manual mounting of LED displays/VMS signs.
  • Includes monitoring for battery voltage, fuel levels, and LED functionality.


A four-lane system available, this should be mounted manually on the existing mast.

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