RAIN-Trailer (VD2-170 RAIN)

Introducing the Rain Trailer (VD2-170 RAIN), a compact and versatile solution equipped with a high-resolution LED display for dynamic messaging. Ideal for mobile applications, it features robust construction, advanced hydraulic deployment, and optional solar power integration. Perfect for enhancing traffic management with remote programmability and reliable performance in various weather conditions.


  • Versatile Power Options: Diesel, Solar, or Hybrid configurations available.
  • High-Resolution Display: Full-color LED display with 80×160 pixel matrix and 20mm pixel pitch.
  • Pixel Detection: Integrated system for detecting and managing pixel failures.
  • Robust Engine: Kubota Z482 2-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine with DC generator.
  • Large Fuel Capacity: Integrated 250-liter diesel tank for extended operational duration.
  • European Quality: Built to meet rigorous European quality standards.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Full-color LED display compliant with EN12966 for superior visibility.
  • Modular Design: Options for customization and add-ons to meet specific operational needs.


  • Narrow trailer, 1700mm width
  • Energy Efficient full color LED display, 80×160 pixels, pixel pitch 20mm (EN 12966)
  • Pixel failure detection system
  • Two torsion spring axles, each 1350 kg / 2976 lbs
  • 12 Volt LED rear lights + license plate lighting
  • Fully closed trailer design with easy-to-open doors and extendable locks
  • 4G Modem with software for remote programming via Verdegro portal (monthly data plan and SIM card with VPN connection required)
  • Programmable via VPN and fixed touchscreen computer inside the trailer
  • Front cabinet lockable by turnkey lock
  • Trailer weight: 1800 kg / 3968 lbs
  • 400Ah battery bank
  • Fully hydraulic system (outriggers and display) for fast deployment
  • Shielded mounted hydraulic unit
  • Fully galvanized chassis with powder-coated aluminium parts available in any RAL color
  • Industrial battery charger included with wall socket
  • Equipped with unique, easily interchangeable large LED brick
  • GPS Module


The RAIN Trailer features an energy-efficient LED full-color display with an 80×160 pixel matrix and 20mm pixel pitch. It offers versatile power options including diesel generator, fully solar-powered, or hybrid configurations combining solar and diesel power.

  • Available in Solar, Hybrid, or Diesel versions
  • Pixel detection integrated into the full-color LED display
  • Full-color LED display with 20mm matrix; 80 pixels width and 160 pixels height, compliant with EN12966 (1.7 meters (W) x 3.3 meters (H))
  • Kubota Z482 2-cylinder water-cooled diesel engine with DC generator
  • Integrated extra-large 250-liter diesel tank in the trailer chassis
  • Manufactured to European quality standards
  • Hybrid model: integrates both a diesel generator and solar power system within lockable shutters
  • Solar model: includes a comprehensive solar power system with an extended battery pack (requires regular AC recharging)


  • Operational via installed 7” Tablet
  • Solar System upgrade to 420Wp
  • Rotatable frame (horizontal)

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