Solar Message Trailer-RAIN (SMT-RAIN)

This unique trailer is designed specifically for vehicles with low towing capacities. Its dimensions are tailored for road construction purposes and versatile enough for mobile construction applications.


  • Designed for low towing capacity vehicles
  • Optimized dimensions for road constructions
  • Energy-efficient full-color LED display (80 x 160 pixels, 20mm pitch)
  • Fully hydraulic setup with trailer locking
  • Integrated 4G modem for remote programming
  • Chassis fully galvanized for durability


  • Width: Narrow design at 1700 mm
  • Display: Energy-efficient full-color LED, 80 x 160 pixels, 20mm pixel pitch (EN12966); customizable screen size
  • Accessibility: Easy-open doors/covers with secure locks and extenders
  • Connectivity: Integrated 4G modem with remote programming via Verdegro portal
  • Control Options: Programmable via VPN and optional fixed touchscreen
  • Weight: Approximately 900 kg
  • Power Supply: 200Ah 24V battery bank
  • Hydraulic System: Full hydraulic setup with trailer locking mechanism
  • Durability: Chassis fully galvanized; aluminum parts powder-coated in any desired RAL color
  • Charging: Industrial battery charger included for wall socket
  • Navigation: Equipped with GPS sensor
  • Indicator: Battery loading indicator light

The SMT-RAIN is a specialized trailer designed for vehicles with low towing capacity, tailored for use in road constructions and mobile road operations. Its dimensions are optimized for these tasks, offering ease of operation through our Verdegro portal.

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