Truck Mounted Attenuator-EU 70K

Introducing the Truck Mounted Attenuator-EU 70K (TMA-EU 70K), fully manufactured in our own factory. As the sole European supplier, we offer TMAs with completely aluminum crash cushions, ensuring superior performance and reliability without any issues.


  • Meets stringent EU crash testing standards at 70 KPH
  • Equipped with two hydraulic rams for efficient operation of the crash cushion.


  • Full scale crash tested for the EU according to NCHRP 350 TL-3 at 70 KPH (3-50/3-51/3-52/3-53).
  • 2000P tests conducted with a 2000 kg / 4409 lbs European Style SUV.
  • Operates standardly from truck with a 15M wired cabin controller.
  • Equipped with two hydraulic rams for raising and lowering the crash cushion.
  • Features a galvanized steel structure for durability and longevity.
tma eu 70k table of contents

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