The Verdegro RAIN-SKID set allows for convenient placement of three VMS warning SKIDs along the road to ensure the safety of construction workers. In the event of an accident, these units can be rapidly deployed and programmed effortlessly with the push of a button.


  • Narrow design: 1700 mm width
  • Energy-efficient full-color LED display: 80 x 160 pixels, 20mm pixel pitch (EN12966)
  • Remote programmability via integrated 4G modem and Verdegro portal
  • Secure access with lockable doors and extenders
  • Lightweight: approximately 900kg
  • Robust 200Ah 24V Battery bank
  • Fully hydraulic setup for quick deployment and locking
  • Galvanized chassis with powder-coated aluminum parts


  • Narrow SKID: 1700 mm width
  • Energy efficient full color LED display: 80 x 160 pixels, pixel pitch 20mm (EN12966); screen size customizable
  • Easy access doors/covers with secure locks and extenders
  • Integrated 4G modem with software for remote programming via Verdegro portal (monthly data plan and SIM card with VPN required)
  • Optional VPN-based programmability via fixed touchscreen
  • Skid weight: approximately 900kg
  • 200Ah 24V Battery bank
  • Fully hydraulic setup and trailer locking
  • Fully galvanized chassis, aluminum parts powder coated in any RAL colour
  • Includes industrial battery charger and GPS sensor
  • Battery loading indicator light

The Verdegro RAIN-SKID allows for quick deployment of three Variable Message Signs (VMS) warning skids to protect roadside workers. Easily programmable and deployable during accidents, ensuring swift response and enhanced safety.

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