LED Light Tower Bucket-Hybrid

Introducing the LED Light Tower Bucket Hybrid (LLTB-H) featuring 100W LED floodlights delivering 17,000 effective lumens. Equipped with 4 to 8 lights, it boasts a unique bucket handling system with a tiltable hood for easy access. The tower extends up to 9 meters and includes a 350Wp solar charger paired with a 400Ah 24V DC battery bank.


  • Hybrid power: solar + 24V DC generator
  • 4 to 8 high-efficiency LED floodlights (100W, 17,000 lumens)
  • Unique bucket handling system with tiltable hood
  • Automatic darkness sensor for energy efficiency
  • Rotatable swivel jacks for versatile deployment
  • Integrated forklift tubes and spill container
  • Long-lasting gel AGM battery bank (400Ah, 24V DC)
  • Hydraulic winch extends to 9m, withstands 110 km/h winds


  • Minimum dimensions: 1330mm x 1150mm x 2180mm
  • Maximum dimensions: 2806mm x 2626mm x 8730mm
  • Total weight without fuel: 1090 kg / 2400 lbs


  • 100W LED floodlight with 17,000 effective lumens
  • Standard equipped with 4 to 8 lights
  • High-efficiency LED floodlights; explosion-proof lights available
  • Unique bucket handling system with tiltable hood
  • Automatic darkness sensor
  • Spiral cable
  • Optional geo-fencing via DSE web interface 4G
  • Rotatable swivel jacks
  • Information LED backlight controller screen
  • Equipped with forklift tubes and spill container


  • Hydraulic winch, automatic
  • Extends to 9m high
  • Withstands maximum wind speed of 110 km/h


  • Kubota Z482 Tier 4
  • Diesel / HVO100
  • Tank capacity: 270L / 71 gallons (110% liquid spill containment)
  • Consumption: 0.4 L/H (0.1 gal/H)
  • Noise level at 7m: 65 dBA
  • Standalone runtime: 65-70 days, depending on light output
  • Engine speed: 3200 RPM (2 cylinders)
  • Liquid cooling system


  • Long-life gel AGM battery bank: 400Ah, 24V DC
  • Maintenance-free


  • Standard solar system: 350Wp
  • Solar charger: 20A

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