BLADE – Trailer Truck Mounted Attenuator EU (CEN/TS 16786)

The No. 1 CEN/TS 16786 TTMA: Finally a new leader is born.

The BLADE – Trailer Truck Mounted Attenuator EU (CEN/TS 16786 100K) is rigorously tested and certified to meet CEN/TS 16786 standards. It can be optionally equipped with an LED light arrow board or a full-color VMS board, adhering to both your country’s regulations and European crash testing guidelines


  • Tested and approved to CEN/TS 16786 standards.
  • Available in 24V DC and optional 12V DC versions.
  • Primarily aluminum with galvanized steel parts.
  • Available in all standard RAL colors.
  • Controlled from vehicle via a wired controller.
  • Certified for use on EU roads.


  • Compliance: Tested and approved according to CEN/TS 16786 Table 5 (T-TMA100-1, T-TMA100-2, T-TMA100-3 Additional Test, T-TMA100-4).
  • Construction: Standard 100K crash cushion, primarily aluminum with galvanized steel parts.
  • Operation: Operated from the towing vehicle using a wired controller.
  • Power Supply: Equipped with a 175A plug for power supply from the towing vehicle.
  • Voltage: Standard 24V DC version, with an optional 12V DC version.
  • Finish: Galvanized construction, optionally paintable at additional cost.
  • Customization: Cushion available in all standard RAL colors to perfectly match your company’s branding.


  • The BLADE – Trailer Truck Mounted Attenuator EU (CEN/TS 16786 100K) comes with a CE certificate, as well as test and construction certificates compliant with the Dutch Rijkswatersstaat directive.
blade ttma eu table of contents


  • Individual trailer homologation for use on EU roads.
  • Black foil or reflective foil chevrons on impact plate, with lights according to country specs.
  • Flashers mounted on the side of the arrow board or on top of the impact plate.

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