Rumble Mat Layer Chassis Mounted (RML-CM)

The Verdegro Rumble Mat Layer Chassis Mounted (RML-CS) allows for fully automatic placement and collection of 2 or 3 rumble mats directly from the truck cabin. Mounted underneath the truck chassis, it stands as the sole automatic rumble mat layer on the market capable of handling up to 3 mats simultaneously.


  • Automatic operation with built-in lighted cameras for enhanced visibility.
  • Joystick control from the cabin for easy maneuverability and operation.


  • Equipped with two built-in lighted cameras that automatically activate/deactivate during operation.
  • Controlled via joystick from the cabin for ease of use.
  • Capable of handling two or three rumble mats simultaneously.
  • Features a turnable arm for flexible deployment.
  • Utilizes electromagnets for picking up mats via steel plates, ensuring efficient operation.

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