Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA)

Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA)

About the LTMA:

The Verdegro Group has developed a unique LTMA 70K (Light Truck Mounted Attenuator). This LTMA is for vehicles up to 3.5 tons that are daily used during inner city road works. The unique and light design of the LTMA makes it possible to use it daily on all sort of roads, up to 70 km/h!

  • LTMA AE1
  • LTMA AE2
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  • Light Truck Mounted Attenuator tested according the NCHRP-350 TL-2 70 kph
  • Personalized in every RAL color
  • Tested on a 2,5 ton shadow vehicle
  • Hydraulic rotating system included
  • Optional sub frame for mounting between chassis and cargo floor on request
  • Energy absorption aluminium moisture proof cartridge
  • Energy absorption replaceable aluminium tubes
  • First impact aluminium replaceable hood
  • Reflective foil according your specs
  • Weight approx. 280 Kg

LTMA is tested according the Nchrp-350 TL-2 70 kph (2-50/2-51)

2000p tests done with 2000kg us pick-up truck

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Light Truck Mounted Attenuator (LTMA 70K)

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