Mini Arrow Board (LP15) Verdegro

Mini Arrow Board (LP15) Verdegro

About the product

Verdegro Mini arrow board (lp15)

the perfect combination with the verdegro light truck mounted attenuator (ltma-70k)

  • LP15
  • LP15 2
  • LP15 3
  • LP15 4
  • LP15 5
  • LP15 7

Product specifications: 

  • Fully aluminum cabinet painted in aircraft gey BS693
  • Protection against weather: IP65 rated
  • Easy access flash controller cabinet mounted on the front
  • Equipped with 15x amber color Verdegro 200mm LED lights, EN12352:2006+ AC:2009(L8m) in 24VDC, 290mA, 7Watt.
  • Unique multi voltage 12/24V flash controller can be used for any type of arrow board configuration. (optional programming available)
  • Optional features flashcontroller in combination with optional TMA cabin controller for beacons and worklights to be connected direct to the flash controller PCB board.
  • Standard functions LP15: Arrow left, Arrow Right, Cross, Four Fold function (warning)
  • Standard supplied with 4 button wired cabin controller. 
  • Optional: combined TMA and LP15 wired cabin controller with extra function buttons. 
  • Including instruction manual and CE marked
  • European Quality
  • Easy to instal by using integrated mounting frame
  • Dimensions: 1100mm (W) x 1150mm (H)
  • Weight; 45KG

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Verdegro Mini Arrow Board (LP15)

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