A rumble strip is designed to alert approaching traffic as early as possible for upcoming road works. Underneath the R.M.L. a rumble strip is incorporated that can, automatically, be placed and picked up. An active camera system combined with a touch screen in the cabin assists the driver in positioning the rumble strip. It adapts perfectly to the shape and surface of the road, creating a stable and safe first alert in any roadblock.


  • Constructed from durable PUR plastic with reinforced fiberglass and metal components.
  • Enhances visibility with reflectors on both sides.
  • Compact dimensions of 2200mm x 635mm x 30mm.
  • Versatile for various road conditions and applications.


  • Flexible Mounting by using standard welding strips or DIN plate mounting.
  • Hydraulic Power by operating by 24V DC power pack (12V DC version available).
  • Integrated Control by joystick operated from truck cabin with camera monitoring.
  • Enhanced Features by including dual cameras with automatic night lights, omnidirectional operation, headlights, direction indicators, marker poles, and electromagnetic pickup for mat deployment.
  • Dimensions: 2200mm x 635mm x 30mm
  • Constructed from PUR plastic with reinforced fiberglass and metal components.
  • Reflectors fitted on both top sides of the Rumble Mat for enhanced visibility.


  • Hydraulic height-adjustable bracket.
  • Front DIN plate mounting system.
  • Installation capability on existing trucks.
  • Additional rumble mat for extended coverage.

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