Red X Light Board (VD-SL230 RED X)

Red X Light Board (VD-SL230 RED X)

about the product

Red-x light board

'future proof traffic managment equipment'

Product specification:

Upper pannel: 
Grey No. : 693, BS381C
Consisting of:
- 13x Red 200 mm LED lights acc/ BS EN 12352:2006, Class L8H
- 9 Red lights form the CROSS as a steady light with orthagonal arms. 
-The 4 lamps outside the red cross flash vertically in pairs at a rate of not less then 60 and not more than 90 flashes per minute. 

Lower panel
Folded panel yellow backing board 610, Either BS EN 1899 class 2
- Automatic cabin controlled rotating reflective sing (left- & right- & down arrow & Convoy signs)
- Folded yellow bakcing board either BS EN 1899 Class 2
- Diagram P7029 "Convoy vehicle no overtaking"
- Red X arrow board can be truck bed or TMA mounted (brand Verdegro)


Highways england approved, GT50/198/0027/1

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Red X Light Board (VD-SL230 RED X)

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